Book design

I’ve done a good deal of book designs and layouts, as well as prepress in the last few years. Most recently, I’ve been a one-man graphics department (and co-owner) at Forlaget Afart which I continue to run with Thomas Schrøder. While we specialise in slim easy reader books for beginners, we have also published translated versions of Don Rosa’s Pertwillaby Papers, and the graphic novel Second Thoughts by Niklas Asker:



Since Don Rosa’s book was originally created over a long period of time, I had to create three fonts to reflect changing types of lettering at different points in the book. As you can see in the last picture above, Pertwillaby-Fortællingerne required some retouching of text that was part of the drawing, too. I have done the same type of restoration with Danish versions of From Hell and Nestor Burma (more about that further down).

Below are just some of the albums I had the joy, honour and labour of shaping into Danish versions in my former position as a graphic designer at publisher Faraos Cigarer:


With From Hell, I created a font from artist Eddie Campbell’s handwriting, as well as recreating in both Norwegian and Danish some calligraphy on the pages:

One of the last things I did there was the box set of Jacques Tardi’s comics adaptations of the Leo Malet crime novels about gumshoe Nestor Burma:

The first book in the series, Rue de la Gare 120, had been my first, then free lance, assignment with that publisher. At that point it was thought that all text in the backgrounds should be translated and restored from French to Danish, and I faithfully did the retouching to the point of recreating deteriorated duotone where it had overlapped the deleted text. One of many examples below:

I developed two fonts from Tardi’s own handwriting for use with the company’s translations of his works. The fonts were since licensed to Fantagraphics books for their English translations.

One last Nestor Burma panel, this time from Tåge over Tolbiac-broen, mostly to give an idea of how difficult Tardi’s bubbles are to re-letter. This one came out rather well! Also, note that after the time-consuming and expensive work of retouching image integrated text to Danish, the editors decided (wisely!) to leave the original French signage…