Original comics art sale: Resistansen

Next up in my virtual yard sale is the original artwork from my short book, Resistansen. Details follow, leaf through it below first:

This charcoal & graphite comics is a rollicking, raunchy graphic interpretation of the Kaizer’s Orchestra song of the same name. Barring the first and last pages, which measure 7″ square, all pages are spreads that measure 7×14″
Here are a bunch of snapshots of the originals (pardon my phone’s crummy camera, and my shaky hands):

Pages 1, 22 and back cover illustration: $75 + shipping (mailed flat)
Remaining spreads: $150 + shipping (mailed rolled in a tube)

Mail me to enquire about availability and shipping costs to your country!

Special Comixmas offer: Free international shipping on purchases by people following me on Twitter until 20th December 2012!

Don’t hold your breath. Just … Don’t.

Sorry, still no shots of my tools ( I *mean* drawing equipment, thank you!). I'm breaking my wrist to get the Resistansen demo ready for publication, which is good except for the wrist-breaking part. Because it's going to be a kickass little book, but alas, it also means not so much casual posting this week.…