#30dayscomics – Day 1

So it begins… with a day’s delay (at the kindest estimate), I’m off to a good start with this year’s 30 Days of Comics. While you’re waiting for me to catch up, why don’t you read up on my 30 Days comics from last year, or even better, order the print version of those. Tell you what, order the whole damn Spring Collection while you’re at it. Cartoonists need love, too (but we’d rather have your money).

Ahem. Sales pitch over. I’ll ping you when I have Day 2 up 😉

Day 16 #30dayscomics [scrapped!]

Not perfectly happy with this one but, given the time I have to sketch at the moment, it will do. [EDIT: It absolutely won’t do, I posted a new comic here instead. This horse is out of the race.] After Tuesday’s musical impressions I thought I’d try and consciously use layers, rhythm, and texture. It’s a bit programmatic but hey, some people like that stuff.

Usually people I don’t want to associate with, so maybe it’s a brilliant little comic, just not my taste.

Teaching comics again






This week and three weeks on I’m back at Holbæk school of arts teaching comics.

Today was the first of our recurrent music interpretation assignment: students make comics from a given tune, today with the added challenge to only use clippings from discarded encyclopedias and art books.

This found footage approach lets the students work with storytelling and graphic representation without being inhibited by their (perceived) drawing abilities.

Using ready-made imagery allows them to focus on the layouts, and the “lyrical” nature of the assignment relieves them of linear narrative concerns. Every time I give this task to a class I’m blown away by the powerful results.

The music interpreted here is “Making of Cyborg” from the Ghost in the Shell movie. Enjoy the snapshots, I’m mighty proud of this day’s work!