Day 30 – #30dayscomics

I’d sort of geared myself up to this last entry being something special, if not spectacular. Chalk it down to hubris then that today’s schedule turned out to be entire rubbish, leaving me to draw November’s last comic at 9PM, utterly drained of energy.

Apologies are due to Jacob @anport Ørsted, whose one-time tweet I had already decided to use as a script; it turned out crap, and I’ll have to try it again later. Sorry! The script, as you will see, is leagues better than the comic:

Movie scene: He lays his finger gently on her lips and whispers: Tweet no more. Outside: Heavy rain. A black car drives by. Owls in trees.
Jacob Ø+

And, for comparison and general ridicule, the comic:

I killed him, Gilbert!

I’m doing a little tuning on the website, which invariably leads to something breaking beyond repair. Can’t be helped, that’s just the way it is. This time, though, I lost all the comics I’ve been serialising since last year.

They’re still on the server, but to be honest I can’t be arsed to relink every individual post. Instead, I’ll make sure to keep them available in collected Issuu PDFs right here on the site. Current and future comics, like Doom With A View, willl still be serialised and eventually collected. So now that I got you worked up, sit back and relax :)

First ones up (again) are Free 50 & Last Xmas!

Interesting Times

I won’t even bother commenting on the situation in the Middle East. Apparently, the Israeli have agreed to a one-sided ceasefire, but that’ll just hold until the first rock is thrown by a Palestinean, of course. It’s terrifying to know that peace lies at the mercy of warmakers on both sides.

Forward 11x17 Download.jpgWhat caught my eye  in the news today was another analysis of Barack Obama’s coming tenure as president. The journalist argued that rather than comparing Obama to JFKennedy as representing a new (Democratic) hope, Franklin D Roosevelt would be a more likely yardstick, in that the president in waiting will have to steer th US out of a dire economic strait much like FDR did during the Depression.

Although eloquent, since we don’t know how Obama will fare against the current crisis, the scope of the analysis only goes as far as the circumstances into which the presidents are inaugurated. Many have seen likenesses with Martin Luther Kiing, and Obama himself points to Abraham Lincoln as his role model. Personally, I’ll be measuring his accomplishments by the atrocity that was the W administration.

Obama will really have to make an ass of himself to fail me!