Original comics art sale: Black Sabbath (intro)

I’m clearing out my drawers of original pages, and the first to go is the artwork for my 2009 Astoria single, Black Sabbath (intro). Have a look at a pdf of the comic here:

Originally part of the Astoria project, Black Sabbath (intro) is a pencil & watercolour comic based on the 20-30 seconds of ambience that precedes the song Black Sabbath.
Barring the first and last pages, which are 7″ square, all pages are spreads that measure 7×14″. It’s meant to be a single, see? 😉

Here are some bad mobile snapshots of the art for sale:

Page 1 & 16: $100 a piece + shipping (mailed flat)
Remaining spreads: $180 a piece + shipping (mailed rolled in a tube)

Mail me to enquire about availability and shipping costs to your country.

Special Comixmas offer: Free international shipping on purchases by people following me on Twitter until 20th December 2012!


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