Spring collection: LOTS



LOTS is a long dive into the universe of the TV series Lost, 40 pages of spontaneous impressions from the Island.

Drawn during a feverous night of watching season 2 of Lost, the book depicts only background elements and compositions, this is not a retelling of the storyline.

The colour cover is printed on both sides of 200g/sm watercolour paper, the crisp BW interiors on 110g/sm artist’s paper. Format 14x14cm, $10 + shipping.

Every copy lovingly folded, stapled, and cut to size by the artist (sizes may vary slightly due to this).

Enquire about availability and shipping costs!

Day 23 – #30dayscomics

This is something different from my previous 30 Days of Comics posts in that I was able to collect a 36-page book of yesterday’s sketchbook comics; and in that everything is drawn from visuals in the TV show Lost.

It is also entirely same-old, same-old in the abstractions, the panel grids. Just a bit more rushed, as I didn’t want to cheat and freeze frames!