Here’s a thought about tools

I'm mentally gearing up for my next comics class at the Holbæk art school, and that means preparing to fend off the standard questions from students that may or may not be used to drawing comics, or drawing, full stop. One question that comes up regularly is What pens/brushes should I use? Here is one…

The untold stories of material

Received a letter in the mail, informing me that a creditor had done a financial background check. I wish I got more of these, the credit company line the envelopes in a deep dark blue that I use in my collages whenever I can. When I was at the state monopoly liquor store I grabbed…

Your weekend assignment

Well, I’m taking the weekend off. Going to a wedding in that woman’s family, and I’ll save my phone battery for drunken emergency calls. I leave you with this until Monday, though:


Discuss (hint: it’s not about “freedom of expression”).

Grimy matrix


Plastic OH sheet used for monotyping the previously posted greeting cards. The acrylic will soak the coloured paper and tear off part of the surface when the plastic is removed, hence the paper fragments. I’ll just let this sit around my workspace for a few days before I decide whether I’ll wash it for reuse.

So I opensourced my sketchbook

I’m a firm believer in constraints as an inspirational assistance, and so I started a new sketchbook by pasting found paper scraps on all righthand pages. The scraps are more or less aligned to a comic strip grid of two or three even-sized panels (included here as an optional add-on for others who might want to use the sketchbook for comics). Having pasted it all up,I decided to scan the book for others to build/sketch on, and here we are.
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Here’s a thought about craft to make you feel old in advance

I feel like time management and work ethic are just as, if not MORE important than drawing ability for an aspiring cartoonist

If you can structure your life so that you put in 1-4 hours of cartooning EVERY day, you will quickly overcome any drawing deficiency

— Alec Longstreth, tweeted here and here. He continues:

And by “quickly” I mean over a period of years and years… #comics

It’s funny because it’s true.

Non-political statement

Nothing to do with the past week's events whatsovever, but lots to do with my impending comics class — the Five Commandments of Drawing: 1. A drawing is any mark, or combination of marks. Drawing is a situation in the intersection between hand, mind, and tool. 2. A drawing is impatient to be finished. Move…