The less-than-half finished #30dayscomics gallery of shame

The shame referred to in the title concerns only the fact that I didn’t finish. The pieces themselves I’m quite happy with.
All of these are A3 format, mixed media except the last one, In-flight magzine, which was made using …an in-flight magazine. Any more questions?


Whoa, now you can buy the Minutemen comics tribute anthology that Warren Craghead pulled together, featuring work by 58 really outstanding alt.comics artists (including yours humbly)! Each of the 45 tracks off Minutemen's epic Double Nickels on the Dime album has been adapted into comics form, including — pay attention, collectors! — hard-to-find, first-vinyl-pressing-only tracks…

#30dayscomics, day 9

Finnair in-flight magazine, cut and torn. Roughly A3 format. This was made using consecutive, repeated masking holes through the magazine, to reveal selected imagery from the pages below using the same grid as in most previous comics. No paste jobs, no manipulations, just tearing holes through pages to get this spread. "Hang on, aren't you…

Delayed #30dayscomics, day 3


Brown envelope, note paper, coloured paper, gel pens. A3 format.

Spent most of Monday nursing that woman back to health, as she had crashed getting work ready for an exhibition. Forgot about posting this until I was in bed, but here it is.

We’ll see what I do for today, I’m on the road until nightfall and I may have to improvise something to catch up.