30 Days of Comics, Day 27

- being another catch-up post, and a potentially tedious exercise in recycling compositional elements: So above are the basic elements I decided to work with. As I copied it, Imucked around with the copier settings, so there are certain colour changes in the following transformations:  In hindsight, the one thing that I would have done…

30 Days of Comics, Day 19

Maps Your cheery thought of the day. Edit: Couldn't bear all that glumness so I messed around some more with it and produced this: Voices Edit 2: Let's just go all in and tack a hippie-sounding postscript on -- Home  
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30 Days of Comics, Day 17

So I've been away from the scanner for a while and have only been posting 30 Days mobile snapshots to Twitter. I'll have to go back and post proper scans later this week so everything is collected here. For now, here is the day's work: Kök A return to form: Trying to squeeze some more…

30 Days of Comics – day 7

Finally up to date (for now :p) -- here are two watercolours from this morning: Frontier (I know) I tried out some scratching and verso marks with the last one, but they don't come through too well in the scan. Meh, saving that for the retrospective artbook.
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30 Days of Comics 2013 – Day 6

So, this wasn't technically drawn on November 6. What I did do that day, however, was fight off a stomach ache, so there. For those not satisfied with the excuse, I'll happily go into further detail about the whole chain of events, starting with a thai lunch warmed over one time too many.No, the last…
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30 Days of Comics 2013 – day 5

I'm playing catch-up on my 30 Days entries, so be kind not to point out the difference between the title of this post and its date...In case anybody missed it, I count James Whale's Frankenstein movies among my healthier obsessions. This comic is sort of the seed for a story that would reflect the whole…
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30 Days of Comics 2013, day 4

Slightly more modest than yesterday's three palindrome minicomics, this is also a bit of a copout: I've actually tried to get this comic together for a few weeks, but I only assembled the five(!) separate plates today (adding fixups and spare parts). The text is a paste-up of Deftones lyrics -- I know, it's turning…
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30 Days of comics 2013: Day 2

Picking up straight out of bed, having my morning coffee while drawing: Trembling Your koan of the day, coloured pencil and charcoal pencil: It's not A watercolour interpretation of the Danish poster for the 1953 War of the Worlds movie, spiced with a mangled Schwarzenegger quote. Don't ask me what It's supposed to be about,…
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30 days of comics 2013: Day 1

On the heels of Halloween, it's time for another round of 30 days of comics. I drew the first doodles in my sketchbook driving home from the art school where I've been teaching, and I couldn't scan them until tody. So, sorry about that. The first one is an attempt at using coloured lines, inspired…
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#30dayscomics – Day 3

No big introoductions this time, here is day 3 of this year's 30 Days of Comics (still behind, but picking up speed). Oh yes, one thing: I've been improvising these first installments to test what I can do with the form, but starting tomorrow I'll be using the word prompts I asked for you guys'…
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