Twitter: You can check out, but—

I may have stopped tweeting, but my ears still turn red when I’m mentioned: Peter Wilkins of Douglas College, Vancouver, announced today that he will be giving a talk on comics as a technology on next Friday—

Topic will be 6 panel grid as generative technology and heuristic for writing. Will feature discussion of @haverholmand @SimonGrennan_

If the talk is broadcast or recorded in any way I’ll have a link up here as soon as I can!

Proposal for a weird comics workshop

The Experimental Comics Swap-Meet Appropriation workshop (any acronym would be pronounced "eczema", I guess) Participants: 5-10 experimental comics artists. Number may vary according to venue limitations, see below. Duration: Workshop — four days to a week? Exhibition — a month or longer? Venue: Any ad-hoc art making or gallery space or building that will allow…