Introducing Colludo – a game for weird comickers

I made something while I was waking up this morning. It kind of tumbled around my head and fell out into the morning coffee in an unexpected combination, so I thought it best to get it online before the conscious mind (aka the Person from Porlock) ruins it. Guilty pleasures first, I've been fascinated by…


Thank you for joining the HAVERHOLM COMPLICITY – the first social network that doesn’t get in your way!

With the HAVERHOLM COMPLICITY, you are never asked to share your identity, you will never have to go through the trouble of signing up, filling in profiles, sharing your data, opting out of engagement or defining complicated privacy settings!

The HAVERHOLM COMPLICITY is entirely built on pre-web protocols, offline technologies and implied, pervasive WoM (word of mouth) strategies – for your

accessibility, and

– and better yet, it only exists where it counts the most: In your head!

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Proposal for a weird comics workshop

The Experimental Comics Swap-Meet Appropriation workshop (any acronym would be pronounced "eczema", I guess) Participants: 5-10 experimental comics artists. Number may vary according to venue limitations, see below. Duration: Workshop — four days to a week? Exhibition — a month or longer? Venue: Any ad-hoc art making or gallery space or building that will allow…

So I opensourced my sketchbook

I’m a firm believer in constraints as an inspirational assistance, and so I started a new sketchbook by pasting found paper scraps on all righthand pages. The scraps are more or less aligned to a comic strip grid of two or three even-sized panels (included here as an optional add-on for others who might want to use the sketchbook for comics). Having pasted it all up,I decided to scan the book for others to build/sketch on, and here we are.
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