Ahoy, Londoners!

On Saturday 14 May, you can buy my book When the last story is told at the Comica Comiket in London! It’ll be available at the Lines of Enquiry table, manned by Dave Crane and Simon Russell.

Lines of Enquiry is a recent cooperation between Crane, Russell, Gareth Hopkins, Simon Moreton and myself, joining our efforts to promote each other’s fringe comics at a wider range of festivals than we would be able to individually. Watch this space for more Lines of Enquiry appearances!

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It’s an unending spiral of humiliation, Charlie Brown


So now we know what became of Charles Schulz’ antihero in adult life: more bleakly pointless than anything Chris Ware could think up, he works the undignified virtual treadmill of the unsolicited email advertiser. Fitting perhaps, but disheartening.

Just think how everytime an email sales pitch goes out, he must recognise the vain hope he used to feel, running towards Lucy and that football…

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Swedish police uncovers half a ton of dynamite, nazi connection suspected

Police in west Sweden arrested two people on Tuesday following raids on a car and two apartments in the town of Falkenberg, which led to the discovery of the potentially deadly explosives.

A 30-year-old man and a 41-year-old man appeared at Varberg District Court on suspicion of breaching Swedish laws on the possession of flammable and explosive goods.

The news followed intense speculation in the Swedish media that at least one of the men linked to the case was known to support far-right groups and that Nazi propaganda was also unearthed at one of the searched properties.

And Christian Krappedal, a press assistant for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats told the TT news agency that one of the suspects was a councillor for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party in the Halland region


Nationalist linked to huge Swedish dynamite haul – The Local

And by the way, today is exactly 4 years since Anders Breivik set off a bomb in the Norwegian parliament and killed 77 people on Utøya. Lesson learned?

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