Probably my last #30dayscomics this year



Red onion, coloured paper, India ink, white acrylic. A3 format.

This was the last piece I finished for the 30 Days project before the Swedish Comics Association dumped the large magazine redesign job in my lap. With the amount of work ahead of me, it’s safe to say I won’t have time to do more daily comics this year, so I’ll bow out of the exercise.

There will likely still be new comics from me every now and then thru November/December, but not at the frequency I started out.


Whoa, now you can buy the Minutemen comics tribute anthology that Warren Craghead pulled together, featuring work by 58 really outstanding alt.comics artists (including yours humbly)!


Each of the 45 tracks off Minutemen’s epic Double Nickels on the Dime album has been adapted into comics form, including — pay attention, collectors! — hard-to-find, first-vinyl-pressing-only tracks like the oddball Van Halen and Steely Dan covers!

What are you waiting for — go, buy!



Sorry if that last post came off unnecessarily defensive of my 30 Days of Comics tardiness. I have been terribly busy with comics stuff this week, some of which I’m even getting paid for, so I feel kind of entitled to slack off a bit.

Kind of, but not entirely. So I’m getting right back to the drawing board (or should I call it the pasteboard at this point) and making some new stuff for you. Okay? Well, okay! :)

#30dayscomics, day 9


Finnair in-flight magazine, cut and torn. Roughly A3 format.

This was made using consecutive, repeated masking holes through the magazine, to reveal selected imagery from the pages below using the same grid as in most previous comics.

No paste jobs, no manipulations, just tearing holes through pages to get this spread.

“Hang on, aren’t you lagging behind of schedule by several days?” Yeah, due to lecturing on comics, and attending a comics seminar and a comics festival. It’s still 30 days of comics — but I’ll try and make it up to you.