Good morning sweet releases!


It will be almost two months since When the last story is told came from the printer, and nearly a month after my Copenhagen release party, but the publisher C’est Bon Kultur has now set an official publication date for the book—
22 may at 17-22 there will be a release party with a special hanging of original art at Tusen Serier, Mitt Möllan in Malmö. Come, one and all!

Some more bookplates WIP

Having a bit of a slow day after last night’s art show in Copenhagen, so I cracked open a tube of printer’s ink and got to work on the last bookplates for the limited artist’s edition of When the last story is told:


I got a bit generous with the ink in some places, and I won’t be able to continue work on these until it dries, maybe tomorrow.

As I was mounting the paper base I caught myself doing colour compositions, moving the scraps around to sit better in relation to the others on the page… which is kind of stupid because they’ll all be cut apart and placed in individual books. It’s a slow day in so many ways.

Clark Ashton Smith, and When the last story is told:


Those who are unconventional enough to credit me with rationality will smile at my story and deem that I have forsaken the province of bizarre pictorial art (in which I have achieved a certain eminence) to invade that of superscientific fiction.

— Clark Ashton Smith, in The Light from Beyond

You don’t think it’s too late to include that in my latest book, do you? :)

Update: When the last story is told

Latest word on When the last story is told, my book of abstract collage comics, is that printing starts 17 March and the finished books lands in Malmö about a week later. Yay!

I’ll have a limited, signed edition up for sale, but I’m queasy about taking pre-orders until I have word that the book is printed and bound. More on that soon!

On the subject of keeping you entertained by reposting old crap I once did

Remember when I drew a daily advent calendar comic about a hamster with delusions of divinity? Really, no? To be honest, neither did I until my buddy Janus reminded me.


So while I’m at dragging old corpses to the surface, aka lazy bloggery, you might also go reminisce about the time when I made straight old comics that people understood. Well, sorta.

The entire, collected In the beginning there was Wertham is here (listed from end to beginning, thank you very much web publishing software), or you can start at page 1.

Merry hamstermas!

So I have a new book coming out

A while back I blogged to the effect that C’est Bon Kultur was closing down. Since then, a bunch of new people have rallied to continue the work along with the old, diminished gang.

I’m still out, though, but CBK will be publishing a collection of my recent whiteout/montage comics — so thanks for that. At the moment I’m mucking about with page sequence and book design, but I’m crossing fingers for a January/February release. More news here when they materialise!

Edit: Duhh, some specs on the book, perhaps? The title will be When the last story is told, a 64 pages, full colour, hardcover. Price tag yet to be determined. End edit