Pffft, Gamergate

Looking out from my ivory tower, the one with the big neon sign saying “Comics=Art”, I have always found the concept of gamers ridiculous. Even the word is semantically clumsy; it would be game players, or just players for short.

Who in their right mind would identify themselves by, or even admit to playing computer games? In my experience, it was always the pathologic dope heads or the Œdipal basement dwellers that would spend time on it.

Now, it turns out, gamers are in actuality a self-styled cyber militia of insecure misogynists that, at the tip af a peer scorned, will launch a shitstorm of empowered hyperbole and death threats. Thanks for clearing that up, vocal majority.

This piece on Medium, written by a person I hesitate to call a gamer (as his lucidity and eloquence clashes with the definitions above), must then fall in the category of utopian fiction. Highly recommended for nuance, nonetheless (and for exceptionally inventive derogatives).