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The council warned that democracy could collapse if average and below-average people were permitted to “exploit it willy-nilly for the benefit of themselves and others”. “Democracy”, a council spokesman said, “can only work if it is protected from the whims of the people. Democracy can only be preserved if it is governed by self-appointed leaders who decide when and how it should be applied.”

— via the Scarfolk council blog

Comics scholars, fancy going to Paris and talk about my work?

The Sixth International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference / Ninth International Bande Dessinée Society Conference, which takes place in Paris in June next year has put out a last Cal For Papers – with a deadline of the end of this month.

Taking place Monday 22nd – Saturday 27th June 2015, the theme of the conference is “Voyages”…

—From the announcement on Down The Tubes

Given the subject, I figure my Kōan book would be obvious to give a talk on, but I’m not sure how well presentations of one’s own work sit with academia. Oh well, maybe they’ll want an exhibition instead.

Homogeneous cosmology with aggressively expanding civilizations


In the context of a homogeneous universe, we note that the appearance of aggressively expanding advanced life is geometrically similar to the process of nucleation and bubble growth in a first-order cosmological phase transition. We exploit this similarity to describe the dynamics of life saturating the universe on a cosmic scale, adapting the phase transition model to incorporate probability distributions of expansion and resource consumption strategies.

Filed under “cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics”, PDF download at arXiv.