“We have to take so much more responsibility for our images”: on gender and representation. #mustread


I was aware for the first time of all this[*] and more, because I had unplugged myself. I took the right-coloured pill, I came out of the gross Matrix pod and I could never look at anything the same again.

— Idil Sukan, in How I became a feminist: My origin story and the importance of meltdowns

* Long, thorough list of everyday sexism in culture and media; too long to reproduce here and too relevant to spoil.

Nearlymades: abstract found-imagery poetry comic reviewed at @brokenfrontier

This book by Simon Russell looks amazing if you ask me, and of course I find it encouraging that I’m not the only person putting out non-figurative comics with next to no narrative (fair is fair, I have only read Tom Murphy’s excellent review on Broken Frontier so far, and maybe I shouldn’t make value calls about the nature of the storytelling). I’m really looking forward to reading this…!

Mark Z. Danielewski’s new book just made my reading list


Danielewski treats the traditional universe of pages between two covers as something liquid and alien, a perpetually fluctuating palette (over 20 different fonts, margin scribbles, random notations, cryptic codes) that undulates and slithers along its own unconventional axis.

In other words: there is no narrative spoon-feeding here, folks. You are going to have to work at it.

— Mark Z Danielewski’s The Familiar, volume 1 covered on Barnes&Noble

When: Svartedauen/The Black Death (vinyl remaster)

Very happy to see a remastering of this haunting masterpiece. Basically, it’s 40 minutes concretist sound tapestry describing the Black Death’s onslaught in twelfth century Norway. It’s harrowing, grinding, and devastating to listen to Svartedauen, probably not for the faint of heart or those who think they got music pinned as a concept. In short, highly recommended.

And I never before made the connection that the album is based on Theodor Kittelsen’s art book of the same name — from which Burzum got the cover art for Hvis lyset tar oss. If I read the product description right, examples from that book are included in the packaging. That’s two macabre masterworks for the price of one, kids. Can’t beat the Norwegians in that game.