When: Svartedauen/The Black Death (vinyl remaster)

Very happy to see a remastering of this haunting masterpiece. Basically, it’s 40 minutes concretist sound tapestry describing the Black Death’s onslaught in twelfth century Norway. It’s harrowing, grinding, and devastating to listen to Svartedauen, probably not for the faint of heart or those who think they got music pinned as a concept. In short, highly recommended.

And I never before made the connection that the album is based on Theodor Kittelsen’s art book of the same name — from which Burzum got the cover art for Hvis lyset tar oss. If I read the product description right, examples from that book are included in the packaging. That’s two macabre masterworks for the price of one, kids. Can’t beat the Norwegians in that game.

Lynda Barry interviewed in the Guardian


I studied with Marilyn Frasca for two years and she asked me that question, ‘What is an image?’ And that has directed my entire life,” Barry said. “The cool part is, now I’m 60, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to answer it, which is great, which means I get to keep chasing it, you know? Otherwise you’re just catching death. ‘I caught ya! Oh, shit …’

—Lynda Barry, interviewed in the Guardian.

“All art is research/Art can never be research” — a comic by @hmmgrr



It’s not often anymore that I come upon a comic and go “whoa!”, but this sketchbook comic by Disa Wallander got me.

Disa writes:

This was based on some academic notes taken by whoever used to own my sketchbook before me – I don’t remember exactly how I came to have a sketchbook with notes by somebody else in them, but they are good notes and I don’t understand them at all.

She understands enough to turn them into a brilliant, confounding little comic, though. That’s good enough for me. It’s ascential.

Why, of course Faith No More has a new album out

…not out for another week, but already streaming on NPR.

1.With an 18 year hiatus since their last album, I was as apprehensive of this record as of the mileage that period puts on myself, but dammit, listening to it now I’m the oldest teenager on the bus.

2. After a few spins it definitely sounds like FNM, perhaps with a tinge of vocalist Mike Patton’s side project Tomahawk. Maybe not their best album (too soon to say), but still miles ahead of most contemporary rock.

3. I’m just realising now that I was really hoping for a new Mr Bungle album instead, but hey.