By examining Stitches, David Small’s 2009 graphic memoir of medical trauma, we seek to understand comics memoir in general and comics memoirs of trauma and disability in particular. Drawing on theories of comics, multimodality, autobiography, trauma, and disability studies, we explore these “difficult articulations” as a way to examine how both self and trauma/disability are constructed in the multimodal textual space of a comics memoir.

— Dale Jacobs and Jay Dolmage – Academia.edu

So I opensourced my sketchbook

I’m a firm believer in constraints as an inspirational assistance, and so I started a new sketchbook by pasting found paper scraps on all righthand pages. The scraps are more or less aligned to a comic strip grid of two or three even-sized panels (included here as an optional add-on for others who might want to use the sketchbook for comics). Having pasted it all up,I decided to scan the book for others to build/sketch on, and here we are.
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Help fund Simon Moreton’s new book!

Just five days left on our kickstarter for @smoo_comics new book! kck.st/1CTrRpl we really need your support to make this happen!

— Jordan Shiveley, just now on Twitter

That’s Simon Moreton’s Plans we made they’re raising money for there, and in my humble opinion that looks like one of the best books you’ll ever regret not supporting. You won’t want that blemish on your karma, chip in with what you can!

“Graphic novelists need to go back to the sketchpad and become artists again”


Scanning those bookshelves, which held everything from Persepolis to Black Hole, what I saw were variations on a reductive graphic style designed to communicate information and signify simple emotions, but never to take the risk of showing a genuinely new, genuinely personal and daring perception of reality.

— in the Guardian, Jonathan Jones relates a disappointing visit to the bookstore’s four-coloured subtly spot-coloured section.

*ahem* May I remind everybody of my (out of print) sketchbook comics?

Fuck yeah, Cliff Burton!

Some nice YouTube user with a decent sound editing suite isolated the bass track from Metallica’s Orion, and it’s as grungy and fuzzy as an early Melvins song.

Apparently this guy has too much time on his hands, or trouble sleeping, because he’s been going over loads of old Metallica material the same way…

Never thought I’d miss a music/comics antho


“Make Your Death” – a comic anthology of narratives inspired by the albums and songs of My Chemical Romance – is now officially accepting submissions! 

A music related anthology is totally related to my interests, but I’m afraid My Chemical Romance happened while I was married & boring, and so went under my radar (Umbrella Academy didn’t encourage me, either).

So, anybody else hitting this?

That’s what I always say:


The council warned that democracy could collapse if average and below-average people were permitted to “exploit it willy-nilly for the benefit of themselves and others”. “Democracy”, a council spokesman said, “can only work if it is protected from the whims of the people. Democracy can only be preserved if it is governed by self-appointed leaders who decide when and how it should be applied.”

— via the Scarfolk council blog