I’m officially older than the Internet

Some random visitors may have noticed the site was deactivated by the ICANN the past day or so. This was a result of my WhoIs information being hopelessly outdated, and the ICANN contacting a long-defunct email address for verification of ownership.

As I panicked, trying to get the domain reactivated, some facts dawned on me:
1. I have actually owned this domain for 11 years and 10 days. This blog incarnation has been up since sometime in 2008, those ancient times when dinosaurs surfed the information superhighway. Scary.
2. My contact information with the WhoIs database was current only from 2003 until not so long after that. I used to use a popular webmail then, but abandoned that shortly after I got my own domain. Still, that old address was the ICANN’s only contact to me, and I didn’t receive their requests for verification. Lesson learned, always set up a forwarding address! But it gets scarier:
3. After frantically contacting my current server provider for help and, in turn, the one I originally registered the domain with, I eventually realised I might try to recover the old email address and find my activation mail there. No such luck, it had been canceled due to inactivity — but I could sure as hell register it anew. Problem solved, except… Hang on, my old email was up for grabs?! That might be the only way for somebody to get in tough with me. Like, say, an Internet entity with the authority to shut off my site from you lot. Told you it was scary.

So, this is pure speculation, fortunately my domain isn’t terribly attractive to anybody but myself + immediate family, but imagine a Bad Guy coming across this site while the domain was deactivated. If I could backtrack and find out how to fix this, anybody could’ve gotten to that canceled mail address before me — because not only am I as dumb as they come online, I’m also slow (for the sake of argument, anyway). I wonder how far one could go in assuming someone else’s online identity this way, just by highjacking a defunct email address? Hint: not nearly far enough for anybody to go to that kind of trouble…

Switzerland to vote on basic income

The proposed plan would guarantee a monthly income of CHF 2,500, or about $2,600 as of November 2014. That means that every family (consisting of two adults) can expect an unconditional yearly income of $62,400 without having to work, with no strings attached. While Switzerland’s cost of living is significantly higher than the US—a Big Mac there costs $6.72—it’s certainly not chump change. It’s reasonable income that could provide, at the minimum, a comfortable bare bones existence.

The benefits are obvious. Such policy would, in one fell swoop, wipe out poverty. By replacing existing government programs, it would reduce government bureaucracy. Lower skilled workers would also have more bargaining power against employers, eliminating the need for a minimum wage. Creative types would then have a platform to focus on the arts, without worrying about the bare necessities. And those fallen on hard times have a constant safety net to find their feet again.

via Motherboard

F-bomb scare on popular televised dance getup


I was too slow in clicking away from some online entertainment news tidbit, and the headline settled in my cortex. So now I know that somebody “dropped the f-bomb” on one of these dance shows people watch. Well, fuck me running.

If saying “fuck” is so dangerous to the public that it qualifies to be likened with an explosive device, I think networks should have actual fucking bomb squads flooding the studio as soon as the celebrity in question takes the safety off the “fuh—”, duct taping their mouth before they detonate the “-ck”.

Better yet, have actual bombs in every fucking hot seat set to detonate at any sound resembling “fuck”. As a bonus, it might quickly clean out Fox News employment ranks. That’d show the conservative fuckers.

Besides, what’s in a word — aren’t most people of legal age fucking? They should be, or at the very least using the term to their heart’s delight. And those who aren’t actually fucking should be especially entitled to say “fuck” at any given moment. I’ve been there, it’s frustrating as fuck.

I also once sat through one of those dance shows. Various word combinations involving “fuck” did leave my mouth during that hour or so of my life that I will not regain. The pain of a participant having to sit through a shoot must be devastating, and I’d allow them a “fuck” every few minutes to cope with the indignity.

Witching hour

The Daily Grail reviews Peter Bebergal’s Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll, a book that goes directly on my reading list:

A key part of the fascinating nature of the book is that Bebergal isn’t dealing simply in goats and pentagrams; gods are invoked from multiple pantheons, from the African Eshu to the Greek and Roman deities Pan and Dionysius, and ‘the occult’ describes everything from voodoo to Eastern mysticism. And it’s not simply a book about tips of the hat to the occult in music, but about the shifts in culture and mindset that guided and influenced the musicians.

That description, and the fact that the review is illustrated with a Black Sabbath band shot, are instant incentives for me to get hold of this!

Probably my last #30dayscomics this year



Red onion, coloured paper, India ink, white acrylic. A3 format.

This was the last piece I finished for the 30 Days project before the Swedish Comics Association dumped the large magazine redesign job in my lap. With the amount of work ahead of me, it’s safe to say I won’t have time to do more daily comics this year, so I’ll bow out of the exercise.

There will likely still be new comics from me every now and then thru November/December, but not at the frequency I started out.