Today’s tasks is a mixed bag of house chores and administration: packing the fridge for the kids’ arrival tonight, writing promo copy for the new book, and applying for grants so maybe I can make some more weird comics this year.

So obviously I’m hitting the update button on Twitter like a woodpecker in spring…

On information ownership, and the possibility of empowerment


In his book Who Owns the Future?, Lanier argued that by convincing users to give away valuable information about themselves in exchange for “free” services, firms such as Google and Facebook have accumulated colossal amounts of data (and corresponding amounts of wealth) at virtually no cost. His proposed solution is to make online transactions bidirectional, to ensure that the economic value of personal data can be realised by individuals, who at the moment just give it away.

Fightback against internet giants’ stranglehold on personal data starts here | Technology | The Guardian

That’s what I always say:


The council warned that democracy could collapse if average and below-average people were permitted to “exploit it willy-nilly for the benefit of themselves and others”. “Democracy”, a council spokesman said, “can only work if it is protected from the whims of the people. Democracy can only be preserved if it is governed by self-appointed leaders who decide when and how it should be applied.”

— via the Scarfolk council blog