30 Days of Comics, Day 17

So I’ve been away from the scanner for a while and have only been posting 30 Days mobile snapshots to Twitter. I’ll have to go back and post proper scans later this week so everything is collected here. For now, here is the day’s work:


30days2013-11-17_kök-1000pxA return to form: Trying to squeeze some more images out of the objects in my kitchen :) Felt tip pen and ink wash. Got me one of those portable Pentel watercolour brush pens, and I filled it with an ink/water solution. Still getting to know it, but I like the possibilities it offers.


…And, er… also some of the spaces in the kitchen… Look, it was a slow day waking up, okay?!


This needed a bit more work than the sketchbook could bear, composited from 3 sheets (basic drawing + pencil tones and Pioneer plaque appropriations) and coloured digitally.

New anthology contribution

Ordningen-2_2A while back I adapted a short story by Swedish author Pär Thörn, which is now published in the anthology “Ordningen upprätthålls alltid” (Order is always maintained) along with 22 other Thörn adaptations.

I haven’t done a lot of genre work the past years, so Pär’s terse, cynical noir stories were a nice change of gears. The 6-page story is drawn with a fat 2B graphite, gray tones are scans of torn paper.

Bonus point: According to the press release I’m now one of “Sweden’s most renowned comics artists”. I guess that makes me an honorary Swede at this point :)


What the hell am I doing?

August 2013 update

Seeing how poorly the blog has been updated lately, I figure it’s tome for a summary of the summer’s activities. Through some strange twist of fate, I’ve come to work mostly as a project manager and organizer lately, something I didn’t see coming at the beginning of the year. Going through projects in a semi-chronological order:

Sequential Investigations: The New Comics


Exhibition poster by Simon Moreton

After the Graphixia blog interviewed Oliver East and me, Peter Wilkins and David Wright of Graphixia suggested a group exhibition to accompany the academic conference they were organizing in New Westminster, BC, Canada. Initially plans were to include contributors to the Team Weird Comics tumblr, but the roster grew to a supergroup of experimental comics artists:

As it grew from being a small add-on to the conference, and became a project in its own right, the Graphixia crew realised that they needed a separate organizer for the exhibition, and who better than the contributor furthest geographically removed from the conference? Obviously I jumped at the chance to further involve myself with this project, and come June 13 I had pulled together an exhibition outside of Vancouver, working entirely out of Malmö, Sweden. All in a day’s work for the globalised comics artist.

The exhibition was up at the Amelia Douglas Gallery on 13-28 June, and is currently looking for a new lease on life, possibly somewhat nearer to my backyard. More information as venues and dates are confirmed.

Nordic Comics Meeting

Around the same time as Sequential Investigations picked up, the Swedish Comics Association approached me to organise a series of meetings with its Norwegian, Finnish and Danish comics organisations. The purpose of the meetings is to encourage and increase the collaboration and exchange of experiences between the Nordic countries’ comics associations, and build a foundation for future coordination.

The rub was, due to a delayed confirmation of funding, I would have two weeks to put together the first meeting to coincide with the Copenhagen Comics festival, and only one more week to organise the next meeting at the Oslo Comics Expo. It all turned out to be a rather frantic month of pulling together two projects from scratch at the same time, but as with Sequential Investigations, I had good people to work with at the Nordic comics organisations.


A vignette for the Norwegian Children’s Comics exhibition. Illustration by Ida Eva Margrethe Neverdahl

After very constructive and enthusiastic meetings in Copenhagen and Oslo, with great feedback from participants, I have been preparing the third and fourth installments to take place at the Helsinki Comics Festival and the Malmö I Seriernas Värld-festival for children’s comics. For both of those I have organised an exhibition of Norwegian comics for children, handpicked by the Norwegian comics association.

C’est Bon Kultur

I’ve been part of the comics collective C’est Bon Kultur since 2009, both as a co-editor with the quarterly C’est Bon Anthology, as a project manager with specific exhibitions and events, and of course contributing comics to all sorts of projects. This year we realised that the collective had gone through a complete member change since I joined (with original member Oskar Aspman rejoining after several years’ hiatus), and we figured it was time to shake things up a bit to reflect that the group is entirely different from 4 years ago.

For one thing, the contents of anthology will be slightly different with future volumes (more about which at the CBK blog in months to come) but Oskar and I also sat down to redesign the graphic identity of C’est Bon publications. Partially to freshen up the look, clear out the cobwebs, and partially to rethink the idea of C’est Bon Anthology. It’s been good fun to design a full magazine layout; building layout templates, setting down a grid for different types of content, and still keeping it open enough for others to play around within those boundaries.

Next volume will be out in the autumn, I’ll keep you guessing about the actual design until it’s officially published :)

Here’s a thought about remixing comics

The main interest for me of the comic strip is the infinite possible links between text and image : a system of representation continually confronting , in a kind of alchemy, text and picture. [...] I try to find new reading perspectives. I dismantle a given material to make something else of it.

Jochen Gerner, talking about his remix of Tintin in America

Notes from Leeds

I landed in Leeds a bit before noon today, where I’ll be part of the Thought Bubble comics festival 2012. I’m sharing a table with Oliver East, with whom I did a remix book that will premiere this Saturday — we decided to call it East-Haverholm, more about it when I’m home and have some kind of idea how many I can put up for sale.

I’m very excited to be here, so excited in fact that I got up at 3am this morning, after 5hrs of sleep, to catch my flight. I spent the afternoon walking around the city in a daze of insomnia, trying to keep myself awake long enough that I could beat my sleep pattern back in place.

That may have worked, but in my mind I started taking notes about the British Experience that stood out for me. Kind of like, I don’t know, Xmas ornaments to a heroin addict. I would like to state again, for the record, that I was only influenced by sleep deprivation and caffeine. Ahem.

So here it is, my seven-points list of Notes About Britain so far, filtered through a lack of sleep:
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Call for words

I’m joining Derik Badman’s 30 Days of Comics program again this year, and because I seem to have a masochist strain (at least when it comes to work), I thought it would be fun to make a complete, comprehensive piece of work this time.

That’s basically all I have to go on, except I’d like to work within a musical frame, or what I just coined a “graphic symphony” on Twitter. That may or may not be the end result, but I’m running with that for now. I’d like some input from you guys, though.

The next few days I’ll prepare a word bag à la Lynda Barry, or perhaps Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, which will serve as random prompts for my daily output through November. What I need from you is some words to put into my bag (or envelope, actually), specifically verbs and adjectives.

Since so much of my work is non-figurative these days, I don’t think nouns will be of much use to me. Sorry nouns, I’ll do you some other time.

So please, comment with your contributions below, it’ll be a great help (and you’ll be namechecked if your prompt is used during November)! Thanks in advance!