Release party in #Malmö! #abstract #comics

If you’re in Malmö tonight you should check out the release party for @haverholm s new book at mitt möllan! [FB event]

—Bo Ashi (@Boashi), at 22 May 15:15

Would you believe, I almost forgot? Just kidding, I was there hanging original art until eight last night — if you get there early you may catch me rearranging frames and adjusting nails.
Swing by, it’s going to be a blast!

Where’s Rosa Parks when you need her? #israel


Israel begins separating Palestinian bus travel in West Bank via @Alraypsen

—Joe Catron (@jncatron), at 20 May 08:39

Wow. If I were public relations advisor to the Israeli government… I’d’ve probably been fired advising against this.

Or against building the big honking wall.
Or against the West Bank settlements.
Or flaunting the general apartheid policy in the face of the international community, and not giving a fuck about it.

Those would all be good things to be fired over, by a government that refuses to learn from history.


BREAKING: Israeli prime minister overrules defense minister, cancels proposed West Bank bus segregation

Associated Press

I guess that means I’m back on the job :-S