Facebook, I’m confused

—why create Rooms, inspired by oldtimey chatrooms and IRC when those still exist? Oh, to keep people off the actual internet and within your server space. Right.

Hang on, why would you do that? Rooms is supposed to be private chat, that can’t be good for your data harvesting business. Is it you have to give your users something kind of private-y before they find alternatives that might be really, actually private? Huh, Facebook?


Pffft, Gamergate

Looking out from my ivory tower, the one with the big neon sign saying “Comics=Art”, I have always found the concept of gamers ridiculous. Even the word is semantically clumsy; it would be game players, or just players for short.

Who in their right mind would identify themselves by, or even admit to playing computer games? In my experience, it was always the pathologic dope heads or the Œdipal basement dwellers that would spend time on it.

Now, it turns out, gamers are in actuality a self-styled cyber militia of insecure misogynists that, at the tip af a peer scorned, will launch a shitstorm of empowered hyperbole and death threats. Thanks for clearing that up, vocal majority.

This piece on Medium, written by a person I hesitate to call a gamer (as his lucidity and eloquence clashes with the definitions above), must then fall in the category of utopian fiction. Highly recommended for nuance, nonetheless (and for exceptionally inventive derogatives).

#LICAF, ’till next year!

My last day of Lakes International Comics Art Festival went by in a blur, in part due to a slump in visitors, and the consequent panic that I’d possibly lugged more books to Kendal than I would be able to sell. That, and the effects of the quite different blur of the previous night.

Those who know me will not be surprised that I got pleasantly hammered on Friday and Saturday nights, as I seem to remember a fair part of the other guests and exhibitors did, too. I was talking to Eddie Campbell on Sat evening —

Please note: The rest of the anecdote is of little consequence, as I simply want to stress to you all that I sat down and talked with the esteemed Eddie Campbell over a pint of beer this weekend. I believe (or hope, or try to convince myself) that anyone may be allowed a single lapse to stalkerish fanboy intrusion on one consenting professional per festival.

(cont’d) about how apparently people at American comic cons don’t have beers together after hours (or maybe it was the lack of organised gettogethers? The aforementioned blur obscures the exact wording). At that time of the evening it was hard to disagree that this is an obvious lack of etiquette which guests from the Old World will have to amend on the occasion of future visits overseas. End of gushing Fan Anecdote

Overall, Lakes International Comic Art Festival was a pleasant surprise, as was the town of Kendal and the locals. The festival is said to be inspired by the Angoulême one in the wway local businesses are involved in the festivities by decorating comics themed window displays, and the general public allow their town to be overrun by more or less crazy foreigners for an extended weekend. As inspiration goes, Angoulême is not a bad one, and considering this was only the Lakes festival’s second year of existence, the organisers are learning from the example (and gaining fast).

Big thanks to Sharon and the redshirt army of volunteers for a great experience, I’m looking forward to coming back!

Factory work

I made a brief escape from the table in the Comics Clock Tower and went to see the dashing Oliver East doing his intense 12-hour live drawing in the Factory space. Snapshots:






I think it’s eerie how he and I have been unaware of each other’s work the past 6 months and yet started working with rather similar ways of mark making, monoprinting with found objects, and creating textures.

Oliver also did 8 huge murals in the same space:





Walking back from the Factory, I realised one advantage of tabling in the town hall is that you can basically always find your way there by going after the huge tower…