Jan Baetens near name checking my book 4 years ahead of publication

…what abstraction finally shows is also the possible frailty of narrative. Even when it is present in apparently hegemonic ways, narrative can always collapse in order to give way to something totally else.

–Jan Baetens, Abstraction in Comics. Quoted in Bennett, Comics Poetry: the art of the possible

I swear, I hadn’t read this when I concocted the concept for When the last story is told – the sentiment is the same, though. From the description for my book:

[The] very title suggests a potential end of narrative, but also  that something else may fill the gap, a still-fluid substance or undefined fictional construct forming …

Guess I was on the right track? If anyone has Baetens’ contact info please pass it along, I’ll be happy to send him a copy.

When the last story is told

[caption id="attachment_3432" align="alignleft" width="242"] When the last story is told; 68 full colour pages at 20x26cm (8x10 1/4"). Cloth bound, foil stamped hardcover with vertical title band.[/caption] When the last story is told, its absence rings with colour: Shapes & structure linger— Like the clap of thunder when the air rushes to fill the vacuum…

Grimy matrix


Plastic OH sheet used for monotyping the previously posted greeting cards. The acrylic will soak the coloured paper and tear off part of the surface when the plastic is removed, hence the paper fragments. I’ll just let this sit around my workspace for a few days before I decide whether I’ll wash it for reuse.