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Next up in my virtual yard sale is the original artwork from my short book, Resistansen. Details follow, leaf through it below first: Open publication – Free publishing – More astoria This charcoal & graphite comics is a rollicking, raunchy … Continue reading

Day 30 – #30dayscomics

I’d sort of geared myself up to this last entry being something special, if not spectacular. Chalk it down to hubris then that today’s schedule turned out to be entire rubbish, leaving me to draw November’s last comic at 9PM, utterly drained of energy.

Apologies are due to Jacob @anport Ørsted, whose one-time tweet I had already decided to use as a script; it turned out crap, and I’ll have to try it again later. Sorry! The script, as you will see, is leagues better than the comic:

Movie scene: He lays his finger gently on her lips and whispers: Tweet no more. Outside: Heavy rain. A black car drives by. Owls in trees.
Jacob Ø+

And, for comparison and general ridicule, the comic:

Day 27 – #30dayscomics

Today’s entry is in reply to a Twitter conversation I had yesterday with @FrauLizling. She got so frustrated with her work that she deleted the majority of her blog posts and burned her sketchbooks:

@ Everyone says to keep working, but that shit is hard! xD How the bloody hell do you do it?
Lizling Claire

My reply was rather glib (“It’s all I know how to do”) but sitting down with my sketchbook this morning, the question was still churning in my mind. How do you keep working and improving yourself, especially when the world seems to be struggling against you? My answer:

Day 25 – #30dayscomics

This one is a partial response to my day 9 entry, or more precisely to fellow 30 Days participant @thaleslira (see his tumblr here) who wondered what all those books were that I’d anonymised in my drawings.

If I have time I’ll post an inventory later, otherwise let’s see some guesses in the comments :)

You guys suck at guessing, here are the book titles :)

Panel one
James Kochalka: Kissers (danish ed.)
Christopher Webster: Malus
Terhi Ekebom: Uusissa Maisemissa
Kochalka: Fancy Froglin’s Sexy Forest
Charles Burns: Black Hole (danish ed.)
Hugleikur Dagsson: Is This Some Kind of Joke?
Dagsson: Popular Hits
Dagsson: Iceland
Sarah Kläpp: What We Knew II
Some Russian picture book
Dunja Jankovic: Habitat
Jankovic: Department of Art
Brandon Monroe:Between Here and Here
Jesse Relay: Ten Thousand Things To Do
Mike Mignola: Dracula
Mignola: Hellboy 1-6
Wall Wood: The King of the World (danish ed.)
Loisel: Peter Pan 1-4
Kochalka: The Cute Manifesto
Gunnar Krantz: Seriemagi
Jochen Gerner: Contre la Bande Desinée

Panel two
Some book my sister left here
Jr., Sr.’s computer game magazine
A pile of my own easy reader books

Panel three
Upright on shelf:
Cent pour Cent (Comics museum of Angoulême exhibition catalogue)
Tove Hansson: Moomin 2
Eddie Campbell: The Years Have Pants
Jason Shiga: Meanwhile
David Beronä: Wordless Books
Paul Auster, Paul Karasik & David Mazzucchelli: City of Glass (danish ed.)
Will Eisner: A Contract With God (danish ed.)
Martin tom Dieck: Vortex
Richard Sala: Maniac Killer Strikes Again!
Jack Kirby: Jimmy Olsen Adventures 1
Art Spiegelman: Maus 2
A compendium of Alan Moore interviews
Airline security manuals
On top of other books:
George Walker: Graphic Witness
Dylan Horrocks: Hicksville
A Danish socialist songbook
Jay Babcock: The Craft (danish ed.)

Panel four
Upright on Shelf:
Katsuhiro Otomo: Akira (danish ed.) 11, 12, 15, 17-20
Junji Ito: Uzumaki 1-3
Ito: Museum of Terror 1-3
Ito: Gyo 1-2
Keiji Nakazawa: Barefoot Gen 1
Junko Mizuno: Princess Mermaid
Mizuno: Cinderalla
On top of other books:
Rick Spears & Chuck BB: Black metal 1
Hisae Iwaoka: Yume No Soko (swedish ed.)