Whoa, now you can buy the Minutemen comics tribute anthology that Warren Craghead pulled together, featuring work by 58 really outstanding alt.comics artists (including yours humbly)!


Each of the 45 tracks off Minutemen’s epic Double Nickels on the Dime album has been adapted into comics form, including — pay attention, collectors! — hard-to-find, first-vinyl-pressing-only tracks like the oddball Van Halen and Steely Dan covers!

What are you waiting for — go, buy!

Riff no. 2

My second riff on Minutemen’s Please Don’t Be Gentle With Me. More about why and for what here.

gently-02-1gently-02-2 gently-02-3 gently-02-4Trying some typography & collage for this one. Basically made up of stuff I had in my scrap drawer that I keep for the same purpose. My ancient LetraSet transfer sheets are running low on certain letters, so I had to be creative — which I usually charge for, so that’s a freebie for you all.


First of a series of riffs

So I jumped at the opportunity to do a comic for Warren Craghead’s Minutemen tribute anthology, which is going to be great no matter how bad my contribution sucks. There are a bunch of great people working on this that I know of, but I don’t think anyone has been officially announced so I’m not going to spoil the surprise here (or spread false information!).

The deadline is not until early July, so I figured I’d try out a few different approaches to the song I picked, Please Don’t Be Gentle With Me, and I’ll be posting them here as I make them. Now, these are sketches, and I’m trying some new things here, just so you know. I claim the right to post some things that may well be crap, in the spirit of creativity and process. First up, from yesterday:gently-01_1 gently-01_2


Remember the crap disclaimer from five seconds ago? Apply at your leisure :) I always allow myself to start a sketchbook with a bad drawing, to take the pressure off breaking in a blank book. Also, any drawing after that will be better! Same goes for this, I suppose (I hope!).

I’m not sure I’m really going to use the lyrics of the song in the final version (Warren advises against it) but here I liked the way it acts as graphic elements, and lets me play with repetitions. At this point I think I kind of need to lean on the lyrics to find the tone of the song, and the proper visuals to go with it. Whatever, I’m artsplaining now.

Today’s take will be up shortly! is right here >>

Original comics art sale: Resistansen


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