About Allan Haverholm

Danish cartoonist living in Sweden. Graphic novelist and artist exhibited in the US, France, and Scandinavia. Former partner at Afart Publiishing (DK), co-editor at C'est Bon Kultur/C'est Bon Anthology (SE), co-founder of the Danish Comics Council. Coffee drinker, metalhead, dad.

That’s what I always say:


The council warned that democracy could collapse if average and below-average people were permitted to “exploit it willy-nilly for the benefit of themselves and others”. “Democracy”, a council spokesman said, “can only work if it is protected from the whims of the people. Democracy can only be preserved if it is governed by self-appointed leaders who decide when and how it should be applied.”

— via the Scarfolk council blog

Non-political statement

Nothing to do with the past week’s events whatsovever, but lots to do with my impending comics class — the Five Commandments of Drawing:

1. A drawing is any mark, or combination of marks. Drawing is a situation in the intersection between hand, mind, and tool.
2. A drawing is impatient to be finished. Move on to the next one immediately.
3. A drawing does not have to be pretty. You’re not doing it to make your grandmother or your teacher proud.
4. A drawing does not have to look like anything. Correction: the drawing should look like you made it, nothing else.
5. A drawing can not be wrong. Maybe you’re just looking at it upside down.

Students often start with only the vaguest concept of drawing, let alone comics, and the last thing I want to spend time on is unteaching their preconceptions of how to draw comics, so — surprise! — that’s usually the first thing I have to get out of the way. These absurdly absolute statements are meant to be a help.