About Allan Haverholm

Danish cartoonist living in Sweden. Graphic novelist and artist exhibited in the US, France, and Scandinavia. Former partner at Afart Publiishing (DK), co-editor at C'est Bon Kultur/C'est Bon Anthology (SE), co-founder of the Danish Comics Council. Coffee drinker, metalhead, dad.

Hallowe’en in heaven

Just in time for All Hallows’ Eve, Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real, which for the fundamentalist Catholic world multiplies the number of deceased to visit the world of the living by a factor upwards of “oh crap!” (as the Holy See now acknowledges that Earth’s age is somewhat more than the 6 millennium span previously accepted).

Link via The Independent

Good morning blurred objects whizzing by the train window!

Well, I’m off to pick up my kids from my mom’s where I deposited them for most of this autumn leave. Final preps before an extended family weekend:

  • Sent off exhibition materials for next week’s comics seminar and festival in Oulu, Finland. The exhibition is one on graphic medicine that I’m organising for the Swedish Comics Association. More about that in a later post.
  • Shipped 24 kilos of C’est Bon Anthology to the Oulu comics centre, as one does.
  • Organised delivery of the latest C’est Bon original graphic novel, Picking up Pieces by Christian Skovgaard. The advance copy just came from the printer yesterday, and it’s so beautiful I almost cried. (Yes, it’s not even two months since we published Lapsos by Inés Estrada — we’re on a roll here, is that a problem?)
  • Kissed that woman off to work. Somebody had to do it, and I’ll be damned if I let anybody else.
  • Drank a pot of coffee.

Now to catch a train to Denmark —

Sunday AM

Woke up at 8, let that woman sleep while I do the dishes, sipping coffee and listening to Willie Nelson — adding little touches to this in between:


Most of these coloured papers are cannibalised from a yearbook the Royal Danish Art Academy put out, mostly full page chapter headings. The text in the yellow patch to the right of the middle says “grants” in Danish. Dunno if I jinxed all future arts funding or sassed my way into the big time by adding that.

Facebook, I’m confused

—why create Rooms, inspired by oldtimey chatrooms and IRC when those still exist? Oh, to keep people off the actual internet and within your server space. Right.

Hang on, why would you do that? Rooms is supposed to be private chat, that can’t be good for your data harvesting business. Is it you have to give your users something kind of private-y before they find alternatives that might be really, actually private? Huh, Facebook?