(b.1976) is a graphic artist, editor and teacher living in Malmö, Sweden. Alumnus of the Malmö comics art school, co-founder of the Danish comics association, former member of art collective C’est Bon Kultur, and currently pursuing a MA in Visual Culture at Lund University. He also gives drawing concerts with musician Allan Grønvall, and is at the centre of the Haverholm Complicity. Whittling away at sequential narrative from graphic novels, via musical expressions in comics and minimal, observational work, to the abstract collage work that comprises his current efforts, he feels he has cut to the bone of comics and is now going for the marrow.

The art sale is official!

[caption id="attachment_nsm_6_2478" align="aligncenter" width="700"] When the last story is told, #33[/caption] As announced a week or so ago on Twitter, I set up a little shop to sell my artwork from When the last story is told — I didn't post it here until now because it was a bit too rough to look at,…

Sneak peek: Prisoner’s Cinema

Last summer I announced that I started work on a new book, and at the time I intended to have the bulk of the artwork finished before I started university in August. Of course, it didn't turn out that way. Recently, however, I have started a enough new pieces for it that I feel confident…


So I updated my Artmoney account with 15 pieces today. They are little exploratory pieces that I do at the kitchen table when I have an hour or two, or if I’m just stuck on a piece for that book I’d intended to be done with last summer.

Artmoney is a project that I heard about years ago, but never got around to signing up for until recently. It allows artists to produce their own money, all to a set format and value, which are accepted as currency in a few select shops worldwide, as well as sold on the artmoney website. Since my no-silos policy prevent me from using funding sites like Kickstarter, this humble, offbeat initiative is a tolerable compromise between making a bit of money and signing up for an external service.

Do check out all the artmoney – I mean mine, of course, “all my artmonies”! – and support the arts, one homemade note at at time!