Allan Haverholm

(b.1976) is a commercial and graphic artist and teacher living in Malmö, Sweden. Alumnus of the Malmö School of Comics Art, co-founder of the Danish comics association, and long time member of the art comics collective C'est Bon Kultur. Whittling away at sequential narrative from his 2006 graphic novel debut, via musical expressions in comics onto the minimal, observational sketchbook work that now comprises his main efforts, he feels he has cut to the bone of comics and is now going for the marrow.

Ahoy, Londoners!

On Saturday 14 May, you can buy my book When the last story is told at the Comica Comiket in London! It'll be available at the Lines of Enquiry table, manned by Dave Crane and Simon Russell. Lines of Enquiry is a recent cooperation between Crane, Russell, Gareth Hopkins, Simon Moreton and myself, joining our…

Here’s a thought about drawing as a physical process

Drawing requires that you see and respond with your body. It’s more a form of mindfulness, a single focused attention on a subject matter, then a traditional philosophic discussion. In transforming the world into a two dimensional design you think and process the world so another can live in yours.  – Mark Badger, in a…

The urge to break the rules

I just preordered this on first glance, because when Austin English has an almost 200pg book out, that's what you do. Check out the interior art from 2dcloud's product page: The urge to break the rules is completely irresistible – English quoted in The Ultimate Graphic Novel For Artists, Weirdos And Renegades on HuffPost Preorder…

For the common good

My former student and current good friend Rakel Stammer has published this comic to her blog, describing the systematic ill treatment of Roma migrants by the Swedish police and municipalities. It falls perfectly in line with my winter/spring comics class in which the students have just received their final project, to make a political comic…

Always something new to be found

These days du9's Brèves blog is my main channel for finding new interesting artists. Most recentlyI've gotten acquainted with the work of Mark Ehling (above) and Roberto Masso (below). Really nice, progressive comics to be found on either gentleman's Tumblr page!

Twitter: You can check out, but—

I may have stopped tweeting, but my ears still turn red when I’m mentioned: Peter Wilkins of Douglas College, Vancouver, announced today that he will be giving a talk on comics as a technology on next Friday—

Topic will be 6 panel grid as generative technology and heuristic for writing. Will feature discussion of @haverholmand @SimonGrennan_

If the talk is broadcast or recorded in any way I’ll have a link up here as soon as I can!