What is the Haverholm Complicity?

Thank you for joining the HAVERHOLM COMPLICITY – the first social network that doesn’t get in your way!

With the HAVERHOLM COMPLICITY, you are never asked to share your identity, you will never have to go through the trouble of signing up, filling in profiles, sharing your data, opting out of engagement or defining complicated privacy settings!

The HAVERHOLM COMPLICITY is entirely built on pre-web protocols, offline technologies and implied, pervasive WoM (word of mouth) strategies – for your

accessibility, and

– and better yet, it only exists where it counts the most: In your head!

The core principle of the HAVERHOLM COMPLICITY is simple: If you have ever seen, heard of, met or otherwise interacted with Allan Haverholm or his work, you are part of the HAVERHOLM COMPLICITY (whether you enjoyed said interaction or not is not a criteria), and since you’re reading this, welcome!

The HAVERHOLM COMPLICITY is always on; if your cognitive functions are up, so is the COMPLICITY! Works online and off!