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Allan Haverholm

(b.1976) is a graphic artist, editor and teacher living in Malmö, Sweden. Alumnus of the Malmö comics art school, co-founder of the Danish comics association, former member of art collective C’est Bon Kultur, and currently pursuing a MA in Visual Culture at Lund University. He also gives drawing concerts with musician Allan Grønvall, and is at the centre of the Haverholm Complicity.

Whittling away at sequential narrative from graphic novels, via musical expressions in comics and minimal, observational work, to the abstract collage work that comprises his current efforts, he feels he has cut to the bone of comics and is now going for the marrow.

Selected works

  • Mix Tape (2009)
  • Resistansen (2009)
  • C’est Bon Anthology (editor, 2009-14)
  • LOTS (2012)
  • Kōan (2012)
  • When the last story is told (2015)


E-mail allan (at) haverholm (dot) com
Phone +46 (0)739 315 736
XMPP/Jabber haverholm@null.pm
Matrix @haverholm:matrix.org
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