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Successes and shortcomings by Haverholm (
I don’t know how to announce a new scholarly paper. Somehow I sense that a thesis that constitutes six months’ work should be presented with less boast and pomp than I would a five minute drawing or an hour-long performance. My Master’s thesis, Uncomics – reconsidering the comics form throug...

Tangential to the subject of my Master’s thesis, The Comics Grid recently published an article by Ernesto Priego and Peter Wilkins, ‘The Question Concerning Comics as Technology: Gestell and Grid’. I’m not in the habit of posting about every interesting article on TCG (there are only so many hours in the day, and you’d be better served just subscribing to their news feed) but I’m flattered to see a page from my own When the last story is told used to illustrate the article. So you know the authors went deep in their research!

Thanks also to Jonah Sack for the heads up!

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