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The art sale is official!

When the last story is told, #33

As announced a week or so ago on Twitter, I set up a little shop to sell my artwork from When the last story is told — I didn’t post it here until now because it was a bit too rough to look at, but a few extra hours made it presentable to the discerning readers of this blog.

So far the prices for works are ridiculously low (so get them before I change my mind!) and because I couldn’t be bothered with very detailed shipping prices either, all items ship for free to the Nordic countries, too. I’ll very likely regret that as well.

Bear in mind that the printed book is also still available as a signed and numbered Artist’s Edition, including individually hand-crafted bookplates! All of this, of course, goes directly toward buying me time to make Prisoner’s Cinema, my next book which I’m really looking forward to putting out next year! Think of this artwork sale as an old-timey kickstarter, if that softens your spending tendons a bit.

Thank you, and choose wisely.

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