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Introducing Colludo – a game for weird comickers

I made something while I was waking up this morning. It kind of tumbled around my head and fell out into the morning coffee in an unexpected combination, so I thought it best to get it online before the conscious mind (aka the Person from Porlock) ruins it.

Guilty pleasures first, I’ve been fascinated by Erik Satie’s Vexations this week. Hopefully by now nobody is surprised that I’m attracted to formal experiments, and I briefly considered formulating a similar recursive cycle of comics panels that might in their repetition become something interesting. Then I thought an element of randomness would need to be introduced so as not to bore the reader to death. Dice were the first solution to spring to mind and, putting the determinate repetition pattern aside for some other time, I focused on making a set of instructions to be selected according to the roll of two dice.

Colludo is a game of creating a collaborative abstract comic: players take turns filling a panel with a paper scrap, the colour of which is determined by a throw of the dice. Further in- and obstructions are also determined by a dice roll. The purpose isn’t winning the game, it’s really about making something together. Read the full rules here!

The game play is based on my preferred materials and working process, so all instructions include pasting up squares of scrap paper – a method I obviously recommend to others as well – but anybody should adapt and play the game to their liking and methods.

The name Colludo is ridiculous, of course, and made up on the spot by combining collage, collide and “ludo” (the Latin word for “I play”, not to be confused with the name of a well-known board game – because leaning on that would be a copyright infringement. I’m not a complete idiot!). The unintentionally implied meaning “collude” is just a bonus that happens to hint at the complicity elements of my social pseudo-network

At this stage the rules are very bare-bones and completely untested, and I hope others will try it out. Hey, consider it my xmas present to you. I’d really love to hear your critique if you do – and I look forward to see the resulting comics!

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