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Unboxed, regifted – new anthology bit


“Unboxed, regifted”, pg 2

I have a series of abstract comics called Unboxed, regifted in Dave Crane‘s Panelalia anthology that’s coming out for this week’s Lakes Int’l Comics Art Festival. Other contributors include the editor Dave Crane, Rebecca BagleyCF Sherratt, Zara Slattery, and Gareth A Hopkins – and an eclectic bunch more artists!

More obvious in some pages than others, all of Unboxed, regifted is based on a three-panel strip format not unlike those that your parents used to read in the newspapers’ “funny pages”. My original title for these were Book of laughs, but it seemed pretentious in an anthology context, and Chapter of laughs didn’t have the same ring to it… In many ways these pages hint at my current work in progress, Prisoner’s Cinema.

Panelalia is exclusively digital, published in the Electricomics format, so it’ll fit right on your iPad as well as any computer – and hey! Though the book is free, it’s all for the benefit of Refugee Action, so don’t forget to click donate while you download it on publication Saturday night!


“Unboxed, regifted”, pg 11

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