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Proposal for a weird comics workshop

The Experimental Comics Swap-Meet Appropriation workshop

(any acronym would be pronounced “eczema”, I guess)

5-10 experimental comics artists. Number may vary according to venue limitations, see below.

Workshop — four days to a week?
Exhibition — a month or longer?

Any ad-hoc art making or gallery space or building that will allow the participants free reigns to use the space as they desire, see project outline. Preferably, the venue should include a room per participant to work and eventually exhibit in. To fit these demands, the selection could likely be down to derelict and/or squatted houses.

Project outline:
Participants provide each a comic from their library, and upon the start of the workshop those works are redistributed to the group so that nobody ends up with their own contribution.
The artists should then, in a venue room of their choosing, start appropriating the work in their own style and vision. It is entirely up to the individual artists whether they produce artwork for hanging on the walls, murals, sculpture or other.
A collective budget pool for materials should be divided among participants according to needs and requirements.


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  1. I hear you, but in my experience just getting people together isn’t always enough to get inspiration flowing. However, that appropriation idea was based on a personal project, and could easily be replaced with another inspirational spur.
    [copied over from tweeted replies to Simon. Dunno why they didn’t turn up here]