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A year’s run

It’s odd to think that it’s a year since I was commissioned to redesign the Swedish Comics Association‘s journal, Bild & Bubbla. I stayed on as art director and layouter on the magazine, and with a quarterly publication cycle there’s not much time to stop and think in between. Yet as 2015 winds down we — the editors and I — have the first year’s worth of issues to congratulate ourselves on:



Daunting as it was, last autumn, to take on a publication with 47 years worth of history — and radically change its format from a book-like journal to an oversized glossy magazine — I was fortunate to have the clear vision of managing editor Jamil Mani to go on. He and EIC Fredrik Strömberg allowed me the space to put my own mark on the magazine within their specifications and (on a few occasions) beyond them.

If time must slip away without my noticing, I’m glad to have something to show for it. Especially something as gratifying as this last year’s new and (dare I say) improved Bild & Bubbla.

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