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A meet&greet with a harsher reality

Since I’m not on Facebook, a colleague had to bring this to my attention:




I met Fadi Abou Hassan this weekend at the opening of the Freedom of speech in comics today exhibition which he’s a part of. Also present and exhibiting was Malaysian cartoonist Zunar (top, second from left).

Both artists have been persecuted by the system in their countries: Fadi is Palestinian, but it was in Syria that he was detained and tortured by Assad’s forces. Zunar, on the other hand, had to catch the first plane home to defend himself in a trial that might land him 43yrs in prison.

Meeting these two vocal but soft-spoken gentlemen was a tremendous experience that I’m very grateful to have had, and I’m flattered that Fadi asked to keep the copy of When the last story is told that I’d brought along. My privileged, formal experiments hardly measure up to his or Zunar’s struggles to perform their craft.

Thank you both!

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