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The untold stories of material

Received a letter in the mail, informing me that a creditor had done a financial background check. I wish I got more of these, the credit company line the envelopes in a deep dark blue that I use in my collages whenever I can.

When I was at the state monopoly liquor store I grabbed a parent handbook on keeping alcohol from teens. It’s basically a prohibition manual, wrapped in the conceit that kids hulk out if they get their hands on a beer, steering them inevitably toward a lifetime of self-destruction. The funny part comes when they pull out statistics, showing clearly that teenagers today drink less than teenagers 30yrs ago — which would be the parents the advice is aimed at. Then I tore up the book, though not over its double standards. It has a nice, burnt colour scheme and largish areas of it:


It shouldn’t be necessary to know the back story of the scraps I use, in order to enjoy or appreciate the work, but the more ephemeral my comics become, the more meaning may be read into every component, so this may be a clue in your investigations.

I’m still figuring out how to monetize my unpaid bills, but something may turn up as I hone my thrift…

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