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So I opensourced my sketchbook

I’m a firm believer in constraints as an inspirational assistance, and so I started a new sketchbook by pasting found paper scraps on all righthand pages. The scraps are more or less aligned to a comic strip grid of two or three even-sized panels (included here as an optional add-on for others who might want to use the sketchbook for comics). Having pasted it all up,I decided to scan the book for others to build/sketch on, and here we are.

The files are free for anybody to use in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC By-SA, meaning basically that if you publish works based on these, you do so under the same license, and with due credit and attribution, eg “Based on opensketchbook by Allan Haverholm: or”

Included in the Github repository: OSB_all in one.psd: 44 sketchbook pages as individual layers – ordered,cropped and rotated, and edited for colour and clarity + the comic strip grid divided into an outline, and one-third, half, and two-thirds dividers as individual layers.

Single pages/: 44 sketchbook pages as individual JPG files, as well as the comic strip grid as a single JPG.

Source/: The unedited scans of the sketchbook pages + the comics grid, saved as 2-3 page PDFs
Source/OSB_all in one_unedited.psd: 44 sketchbook pages as individual layers – ordered, cropped and rotated + the comic strip grid as an individual layer.

All images are 200 dpi RGB files.

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