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Mix Tape

Mix Tape, side A

Mix Tape, side A

Remember when everybody pirated intellectual property? Sure you do! Who hasn’t owned a battered old tape copy of this CD or that vinyl? Or a lovingly crafted, unique mix tape of favorite songs, given to a best friend or special someone?

Working hard, connecting dots to make this happen: If all goes well I should have a concept mini-sketchbook ready by tomorrow’s SPX in Stockholm, a graphic mix tape from me to you!

Made in fragmented montage/comic form, these sketchbook clippings chart six months of intense commuting, and the odd inspirational flash. A graphic travel diary that will write its own tune in your mind.

Mix Tape, side B

Mix Tape, side B

The book will be 56 b/w pages the size of the trusty old music cassettes, the second half even printed upside down so you’ll have to turn it over like a cassette tape to read on!

Each book comes packaged in an original, second hand cassette with pricelabels from a small, rural grocery store on Tullebølle, Denmark.

With a printrun of only one hundred, we’re talking hotcakes here!

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  1. where I can find a image of the mix-tape? I want to write about it in the Chili blog!
    Marcos from Portugal that you met in SPX!