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Unboxed, regifted – new anthology bit


“Unboxed, regifted”, pg 2

I have a series of abstract comics called Unboxed, regifted in Dave Crane‘s Panelalia anthology that’s coming out for this week’s Lakes Int’l Comics Art Festival. Other contributors include the editor Dave Crane, Rebecca BagleyCF Sherratt, Zara Slattery, and Gareth A Hopkins – and an eclectic bunch more artists!

More obvious in some pages than others, all of Unboxed, regifted is based on a three-panel strip format not unlike those that your parents used to read in the newspapers’ “funny pages”. My original title for these were Book of laughs, but it seemed pretentious in an anthology context, and Chapter of laughs didn’t have the same ring to it… In many ways these pages hint at my current work in progress, Prisoner’s Cinema.

Panelalia is exclusively digital, published in the Electricomics format, so it’ll fit right on your iPad as well as any computer – and hey! Though the book is free, it’s all for the benefit of Refugee Action, so don’t forget to click donate while you download it on publication Saturday night!


“Unboxed, regifted”, pg 11

An emphatic ≠

Spotted on a parking automat, I see three possible interpretations of this glyph: 1. An asterisk coupled with an equation sign (perhaps meaning that the solution to a question in the main text is hidden away in a footnote) 2. The K and the E are comfortable enough in their relation to share a bed…


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Jochen Gerner is alive

As much as I extol the comicness of IKEA manuals, I've never satisfyingly appropriated them as comics (except for half-jokes like this and this). No need, though – we already have Jochen Gerner's home (ikea 2008): The subtitle is ikea 2008, but the work is from 2009 – using the previous year's IKEA catalogue as…

Honorary mention of the week

Among the nominees for Swedish Culture Periodical 2016 is Bild & Bubbla, the quarterly comics journal I redesigned last year and continue to layout!

Bild & Bubbla has been in print since 1968 (originally under the name Thud) which makes it the world’s second-oldest magazine of its kind, only predated by a few months by the Dutch Stripschrift. This is B&B’s second nomination for the Swedish Culture Periodical award, keeping my fingers crossed for the prize this time!